Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Effects of Eating Disorder in the Dance World

A couple years ago when I was eleven, I heard a story on the news. The story was about a girl, a model who took pictures of herself and published them on big billboards in what I think was London. After the pictures were showed, she was interviewed and her words stuck to me more than anything I have ever heard from anyone else. The model talked about how she wanted to show the world exactly how models had to be and how the industry encouraged them to look like. She expressed that appearance as horrifying. That model put herself out there to save other models and anyone who was being influenced to starve themselves to perfection and people who already were under the influence of this disease. This disease that is twelve time higher to kill adolescent girls is called Anorexia Nervosa.

Anorexia Nervosa, often referred to as an eating disorder is a common known illness that a lot of girls experience mostly through the ages of as young as 6-16 years old. More girls today than ever before have been influenced by society and its idea of what a normal/ ideal body should look like, and have fallen victim to eating disorders.

These types of illnesses like eating disorders/ anorexia are most common in girls that work and train in an industry like dancing or modeling industry where they are constantly feeling pressured to lose weight. It starts off just wanting to fell more comfortable with themselves, but it eventually gets out of control causing girls to always see themselves overweight even though in reality they're in danger of their body functions shutting off and even death.

This girl in the article below struggled with an eating disorder since she was about 14. She first started being self-conscious at the age of 10, where she would walk into her ballet class and stare in the mirror wondering if she was skinny enough to be a professional ballerina or if she would be rejected because she had a little bulge on her tummy.

This article really made me think about the illnesses dancers struggle with today. After some research, according to Dr. Hamilton, about 46% of ballerinas in the dance industry struggle with some type of eating disorder.

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